The Hamam Store is a small family run distributor of traditional products for the Turkish bath (Hamam) based in Istanbul, Turkey.

All of our products are produced by using natural and traditional methods.

Our goal is to provide you with the best products for your business and Hamam and to bring the culture of the Turkish bath to the whole world.

About the Turkish bath

The tradition of the Turkish bath extends far back, to a time before Turks had reached Anatolia.

When the Turks arrived in Anatolia, they brought with them one bathing tradition, and were confronted with another, that of Romans and Byzantines, with certain local variants.

The traditions merged, and with the addition of the Moslem corner for cleanliness and its concomitant respect for the uses of water, there arose an entirely new concept, that of the Turkish bath. In time it became an institution, with its system of ineradicable customs.

For the Turks the bath was much more than just a place to cleanse the skin. It was intimately bound up with everyday life, a place where people of every rank and station, young and old, rich and poor, townsman or villager, could come freely. Women as well as men made use of the "Hamam", as the bath is known in Turkish, although of course at separate hours.

From the individual's point of view, the Hamam was familiar place from the earliest weeks of life right up to its very end. Important occasions during a lifespan were, and in some township still are, celebrated with rejoicing at the bath. The newborn's fortieth day, the brides bathing complete with food and live music, are instances.

The Hamam ceremony of mourning, on the other hand, was far different, but also widespread. The Hospitality bathing was simply the taking of one's house-guest to the Hamam for wash. Then there were the Circumcision, Groom's, and others beside. As we see, the whole culture of a people had the Turkish bath as one of its important attributes.